tailor-made model photography week/days

Date depending upon requirements and your wishes


Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, about 4 hours flying from England. It is situated 60 miles off the coast of Morocco and therefore has an all-year climate for outside photography. It is famous for the white sandy beaches and the turquoise water, as well as the volcanic landscape.

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Due to this climate and the locations, it is every model photographer's dream, as here cancellations because of rain or cold do not exist.
You will be amazed how much work you can shoot here in 1 week, in northern countries you might need half a year to do the same.

The model photography package will offer you experienced models, posing from bikini/lingerie up to art nude/nude or higher depending on requirements.
Nobody else will be around (as in the group photo weeks) so your inspiration, creativity and concentration will not be disturbed in any way.
Since the models need little or no direction, and guidance is available throughout, this week is suitable for beginners up to very experienced photographers.

This photoshoot is organised by Ton and Marfa, photographers for many years. Ton Schoonderbeek has most of his life been shooting models, and living on Fuerteventura for over 12 years. Marfa is specialised in wildlife photography. They both can help you with details of camera equipment and photographic techniques.
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He knows every secluded spot of the island and can guide photographers new to model photography in 4 languages.
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Brief outline:
The first and last day of the week are considered travelling days, and to get settled. Accommodation is a in principle a self catering holiday house with private pool, suitable for shooting as well. Other arrangements are of course possible.
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Your requirements:
As this is tailor-made, it is most important that you contact us with specific details:

  • number of days of shooting
  • number of models
  • description of type of model, or proposed one
  • posing level of model
  • specific requirements re:locations
  • accomodation requirements
  • anything else really
We will in return contact you with a well-balanced proposal and pricing, and we will take it from there.

For more info, please contact info@fuertography.com