model photography weeks
May 19th-26th, 2012
June 23rd-30th, 2012
Sep 22nd-29th, 2012
Nov 17th-24th, 2012


PICONERIA  a mine of tiny volcanic stones, giving it an alien landscape with impressive shapes.
RUINS  some of the oldest of the island, grouped together.
LOBOS  by ferry to uninhabited volcanic island, protected natural park.
COFETE  famous white sandy beaches, pure and isolated in a natural park.
FARM   all kinds of animals but especially goats.
LAGOONS  water colour ranging from blue, green to turquoise.
large BEACH on the west coast, offering a variety of backgrounds.
SUNSET on one of the many beaches.

The exact itinerary will depend on factors such as time of year, tides etc. but will at least offer 5 of the mentioned exotic locations.

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